Sources of inspiration

The popularity of TV programmes like Grand Designs and Building The Dream has millions of Brits fantasising about creating their own self-build project.

As a result, few self-builders will undertake designing their new home without at least some idea of the design features and layout they want.

Here are our top tips on finding sources for inspiration:

  • Research home design in the early stages to help you discover materials, techniques and trends that will inspire you and add value to your property.
  • Buy self-build magazines as they are filled with expertise and experience from writers and contributors. They also have access to the most beautiful properties and innovative designs.
  • TV programmes such as Grand Designs are a source of inspiration and a good way of seeing a design actually being constructed. Just bear in mind these shows tend to feature high-end and expensive designs.
  • Picture-focused social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are a goldmine of up-to-date inspiration. Make sure you follow @saintgobainselfbuild for inspiration and ideas!
  • There are also books of house plans that can act as a basis for the layout of your home. Some of these books are specific to the property you desire.
  • As you're out and about, you'll see attractive properties. Don't be shy about stopping and taking a picture on your phone. The owner may even tell you about the property and offer tips for your self-build adventure.
  • A good way of organising your various sources of inspiration is a design notebook/scrap book to keep sketches and clippings in.

With these handy tips, you can be fully inspired with creativity and innovation for your self-build project.


House with timber cladding