Options for managing your self-build

Project managing your self-build may seem like a daunting task but there are many options out there to make you feel more in control of your project.

Project management techniques

Project managing your self-build can be very rewarding and will fill you with confidence knowing that you have everything under control. Planning and preparation is key to success. 

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A guide to managing quality

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Managing quality is an important part of the self-build process and it’s essential to manage this every step of the way. Remember quality control and keeping builders happy play a big role in managing quality. 

Things to look for when snagging a build

Small defects are an issue every self-builder has to deal with, and sometimes, they can turn into major issues so it’s important they are dealt with sooner rather than later. There are lots of snags to look out for including damage to walls, shrinkage between skirting boards and loose fixtures. Take a look at our list to ensure you are fully prepared.  

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A step-to-step guide to self-building

A guide to self-building

If you are new to self-building, or just want to see our thoughts on the steps involved in a self-build and what the process is, then download our guide.

The guide includes:

  • timeline of your build
  • the difference between custom and traditional self-build
  • finding a plot
  • planning permission and building regulations
  • building performance and much more.