The best Self-Build inspiration feeds on Instagram right now

A self-build home may be a daunting dream for a newcomer, but that dream starts with an idea which is then fueled by inspiration.

At the forefront of inspiring builds is the Instagram community, now filled with DIY projects of all shapes and sizes. So to give a helping hand to anyone with a self-build craving, we've scoured the plains of Instagram to find the best self-build inspiration feeds on Instagram right now. These include a variety of couples and families, each with their own take on self-building, and each with something unique to inspire the community.

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Farmhouse kitchen with ceramic sink

1. @northumberland_family_home 

This family of four are evolving veterans to the concept and have just started work on their second self-build family home in Northumberland. Their first build took 3 years to finish, from buying the plot to completion in 2017, and was featured in the January 2018 edition of ‘25 Beautiful Homes’. With 13.7k followers and a wide variety of Instagram stories ranging from build updates, Ikea hacks, lighting, and before and after, this family are an all-round inspiration to the self-build trend. One of their most useful traits is a high-level of collaboration, with regular tags to relevant products, companies, and inspiration.

2. @eaton.road 

This couple explains their self-build quite simply as “husband and wife built a house in a gap no one knew was there”. They have always had a dream of building their own home, and after being together for 15 years, with a young daughter to add to the equation, they are now sharing their whole self-build journey, even including site surveys and build blueprints. This self-build began in May 2016 and has now developed an iconic style. Their most unique inspiration is the scandi-styled (a.k.a Scandinavian) interior design which is seamlessly continued throughout the home.


3. @theselfbuilder 

This couple go by the names ‘Emz and Tobz’, and Emz is the Head of Interior Design for a hotel group while her husband is Managing Director of an Engineering company. Their coupled industry experience makes for very innovative build ideas such as a sealed shower screen for a home-made steam room or magnetic paint for interactivity. All of their inspirations are detailed on their Instagram stories and we think these two are ones to watch if you’re looking for innovation.

Like the sound of interactive walls? ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster from British Gypsum can be used to create magnetic walls - especially useful when paired with chalkboard paint to create an interactive wall for a children's playroom. 

4. @aselfbuildhome 

Also known as ‘Plot 19’, this self-build steel frame home is being built by a young couple from Newcastle, Mac and Francesca. They started this build in January 2018, therefore it is in the early stages of development and would be great to follow if you’re looking for continued inspiration throughout the rest of the year. Due to being in progress, they always ask their following for ideas or advice on design decisions, which is exactly what social media is for, interacting and inspiring.

5. @thehouseinthehollow 

Gareth and Lindsey Boyd, with their little 2-year-old, are self-building a new home in the country. “We’re on here to share ideas, ask a lot of questions and hopefully help some other self-builders along the way”. Gareth is also an architect by trade and provides expert tips throughout their experience. The house is currently in progress and is detailed as a rustic, timber frame, fully clad in charred cedar shingles with open plan living. This couple are great providers of architectural ideas, as well as varied inspiration from their own research.

You can read a full case study for Gareth's self-build here, and he's also written a series of blogs for Saint-Gobain Self-Build which you can discover here

6. @seanuahouse

This young Irish couple, Dan (Engineer) and Jessica (Wedding & Event Coordinator), are sharing their self-build journey of a 2,900 sq ft country home. Their home is nearing completion now but their progress has been a great inspiration and was featured in the ‘one to watch list 2019’ in House and Home Magazine. These two young self-builders involve numerous and detailed Instagram stories showing room-by-room developments, with a vibrant interaction with their following including a variety of questions and answers.

7. @ahousebythetrees 

Caroline classes her Instagram as a ‘design diary’ of her classically styled self-build home beside the trees in Ireland. The natural views from their iconically large arched window are always a sight for sore eyes, while their Instagram is very organised with professionally styled stories involving regular new ideas, as well as family updates. This self-build is very popular with over 22.5k followers, but is really useful for interior design inspiration, and is now starting to involve product collaborations with custom discount codes for their followers.

All of these self-build homes provide unique inspirations varying from innovative engineering concepts, to creative interior design ideas, to expert architectural advice. Don't forget to follow our very own Instagram @saintgobainselfbuild for more inspiration and ideas!

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