Estimating Service - take the stress out of your build

One of the most stressful things about your project is likely to be making the 1,000 decisions you'll need to during your project. How do you remember everything you need to order, and make sure they arrive on site on time, when they're needed?

Estimating Service Build Aviator takes the the stress out of your project by doing all this for you, and more!

How can Build Aviator help you?

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Scheduling your materials on site

There can be nothing worse than starting a job and finding you've not got something you need. Let's face it, it can be hard to consider all the materials needed to get different jobs done. The right fittings, the right sizes, the right screws, bolts, fixings...the list can feel endless. Build Aviator will work with you to help make sure your programme is linked to your materials so everything arrives when you need it nationwide!

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SAP Assessment

A SAP Assessment or Standard Assessment Procedure is the Government's way of calculating the energy and environmental performance of a building. It works out the homes' CO2 emissions, along with likely energy costs for space, water heating and lighting per square metre, producing a score between 1-100. If the number is higher the property is more efficient. Build Aviator can conduct a SAP Assessment for you and provide details of what products you need to meet this performance.

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Estimating Materials

Build Aviator's qualified and experienced assessors provide a comprehensive report of all the materials you will need for your build. Youi'll receive a bespoke report customised to your needs with product summaries, quantities required, pricing [including labour if you have agreed labour pricing] and tool hire requirements. If you've conducted a SAP assessment Build Aviator can use the product specification from your SAP report to make sure you achieve your final performance.

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Acoustic Testing

Part of Approved Document E (ADE) requires all homes to be designed and built to reduce noise through teh home and to the outside/adjoining properties.  Properly planning your acoustics also makes your home more comfortable to live in - you'll know this if you've ever experienced road noise, noise from neighbours or from properties above you. Build Aviator provides a wide range of support for you in your build. From pre-planning, to material choices, construction detailing to manage noise and testing.

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One of the biggest causes of an uncomfortable and cold home are draughts. Heat loss from your home, through not having an air-tight building is a major contributor to energy efficiency and managing the costs of running your home. That's why air tightness testing is a requirement for all new-builds to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations Part L.

Build Aviator provides air tightness testing in line with Part L throughout the UK.

Quantity Calculators

Do you need one pack or two?

Before you order, why not get a little help with our handy Quantity Calculators to help measure how many tiles, bricks or blocks you need to order for your project?