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A step-to-step guide to self-building

Self-build Guide

A comprehensive guide for everything you need to think about to realise your dream.

From finding a plot, to organising finance, getting planning permission to getting started on site this guide covers all the advice you need to get you up to speed with what may be involved in creating your own dream home.


Questions to ask your builder

Questions to ask your builder?

So, you've got your plans, had some recommendations, or been searching online. Now, what should you ask your builder - the person you're going to trust to work with you for the next 12 months to build your dream home?

In case your mind goes blank, or you want some ideas of things to ask, we've created this printable guide with 12 questions to ask your builder.

How to find a building plot

Tips for finding your perfect plot of land

Finding your perfect plot of land for your self-build can seem daunting. You may have thought you'd exhausted every avenue to find just what you've been looking for. You never know what's round the corner or where your dream plot could come from. 

Try our eight-point guide to finding a plot of land. With eight short tips for where to look to make sure you've left no stone unturned in your land search.

Tips for planning permission

Tips for getting planning permission

Gaining planning permission can take some time, be expensive and sometimes feel like you're having to jump through so many different hoops.

There are lots of steps involved in getting your home approved and it can be a very expensive and frustrating process. One thing is clear - it's essential to get it right and without it your dream won't become reality!

We've created a short guide with some general tips to help you get permission from your local authority.