How to choose an architect

Working with an architect is a crucial part of your self-build project but it’s even more crucial to find the right one. 

The first task is to find an architectural practice with experience of projects similar to yours. 

Check how many projects they have overseen. Be sure to ask questions about their contacts with planners and details about their track record with approvals. 

Get in touch with their references and ask how well they handled the budget and any required changes during the process. 

How much does an architect cost? 

There are a number of factors that will affect how much you pay your architect or designer. 

Where you intend to build, the size and complexity of the project and how much of the process they undertake on your behalf will all have an effect on the final fee. 

There are also various ways architects can set up a payment plan. Some architects will charge a lump sum, many practices give you an invoice based on the full cost of the project, while others may bill you for the time they spend on it. 

How much or how little you commission an architect is up to you – from coming up with an initial design to seeing the project through to completion. A newly-qualified architect may charge just £300 a day, whereas experienced and in-demand vet-erans can command fees of £30,000 per project or more.