Benefits of working with an architect

Architects are uniquely qualified to design buildings and manage entire projects from concept right through to reality. Although they may seem expensive at first glance, their time and skill is very valuable. 

    Why use an architect?

    Architects in the UK train for years to acquire the experience, technical skills and knowledge needed to plan all stages of a building project including:

    • Advising on the right site
    • Putting together a brief based on your input, personal requirements and budget
    • Preparing drawings that will meet the criteria of planners
    • Obtaining quotes from builders and recommending subcontractors
    • Ensuring the building is completed as expected on-site.
    Architect's building design

    Here are some of the benefits of working with an architect:

    Can overcome planning hurdles

    Obtaining planning permission can be tricky. However, an architect can map out a design and present it in the best possible light to the officer who decides whether to approve your application. They will also think about structural implications and building regulations. In doing so, they can minimise unnecessary costs down the line.

    Construction process

    An architect can put forward the best contractors who offer the best price and quality. This should make things simpler when it comes to comparing quotes and will ensure you’re getting the right people for the job.

    Careful specification

    Around 80% of an architect’s time on a project is spent calculating construction details and specifying materials – this is when the project comes to life and will highlight if the building design is within budget and lives up to its early expectation.

    Tailor made to you

    An architect will ensure your home works for YOU, whether it’s maximising space and light, suggesting alternative or sustainable materials, looking at energy  saving solutions, they will ensure your budget is used to its maximum potential.