Maximising your space

When it comes to planning your self-build, maximising space is a key factor to consider. Have you ever thought about using your roof to create an extra bedroom, home office or playroom?

Room in the roof type trusses are becoming increasingly popular, as they are the most economical solution to adding rooms to your new home. They also expand living space without changing the footprint of your home and can increase the value of your home by £15,000 to £20,000.

The two most common methods for building a roof are ‘cut’ and ‘truss’ roof timbers. Truss roofs are the most cost-effective option as they arrive pre-fabricated and can be quickly installed. Plus, it eliminates the majority of cutting in and lining associated with traditional roof construction.

Home with a room in the roof

Suppliers such as Pasquill can build your roof truss and help turn your architectural vision into a working roof structure.

Pasquill provides a range of attic trusses specifically designed to meet your requirements. The roof truss can be cut on site to form stair and window openings, providing a complete roof structure ready for floor boarding, roof finishes and plasterboard.

Pasquill works with some of the best designers in the industry so you can ensure there is no compromise on quality.

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Full Room in Roof solutions

Have you considered a complete room-in-the-roof system? They can be fully designed to meet your needs, factory engineered to form a complete habitable roofing solution.

Roofing solutions can save a great deal of time on site - and can be fully installed in less than a day. They are designed to meet the highest fire performance and are fully insulated with CE marked products in controlled manufacturing conditions to ensure a high performing, warm building envelope.

Roofspace Solutions - based in the Midlands offer UK-wide solutions and are a Saint-Gobain brand.

Loft conversion

Did you know?

Considering how you plan to use your roof space in the future can save you time and money later in the project and give you even more space for you and your family. It's worth discussing your plans with an expert roof designer who can help to guide you through options to increase your living space without increasing the footprint of your home.

Pasquill, a recommended roof designer has centres around the UK who can provide exact designs of roofs assembly in their factories to ensure quality.

Timber roof