Visual comfort

Plenty of natural light makes a home feel open and spacious and can affect the mood and health of residents. Maximising natural light also means minimising electricity bills as the lights stay off for longer.

There are a number of ways that you can use natural light to enhance the beauty of your new home:

Light design

Discuss with your designer how you want light to flow through your home. Computer modelling can show how light will hit a building as the day progresses, even taking into account the season and obstacles such as trees and other houses.

Think where and when you want light to flood into your home. The go-to option for enjoying light is kitchens, bedrooms and other spaces people spend time in during the morning.

In the evenings, people tend to require light in their living room, dining room and garden.

However, the constraints of the land and other design considerations may prevent this so make sure you explore your options.

Large window in bright room

Design choices

By installing large windows and doors, your home can get as much light as possible. Be careful to ensure the glazing product you use doesn't affect other matters such as sound and heat insulation.

Many homebuilders turn to bi-folding doors to transform an entire wall into glass for stunning levels of light and a dramatic view.

Design your artificial light to complement the natural light. For example, target areas that are not reached by daylight with a light source. Multiple light sources and dimmer switches will give you even greater control over the flow of light throughout your home.

Walls and floors

Instead of patterned wallpapers and muted colours, use lighter paint tones to reflect light entering the room. Light and shadow playing across a blank canvas can be striking on a sunny day.

Be mindful that plain white paint on walls can create a sterile feeling. Instead, choose a a gentler shade with a satin finish to help reflect the light.

Wooden, ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish will reflect more light than carpets. If that isn't an option, stick to carpets with lighter tones.

Decorative floor tiles
Saint-Gobain Glass Priva-lite in action

Switchable glass for privacy

Change from translucent to transparent at the touch of a switch with Priva-lite. Priva-lite is an innovative glass solution which can provide privacy at the touch of a button. With just one click you can transform opaque surfaces into translucent ones, and vice versa - perfect for privacy screens and glass-walled meeting rooms. 

Priva-lite by Glassolutions

Magnetic wall in childrens bedroom
British Gypsum Logo

Magnetic plaster for creativity

A magnetic wall brings the room to life by adding an inspiring interactive design feature that allows you to customise your space. Create your own magnetic wall using innovative ThistlePro Magnetic plaster.

ThistlePro Magnetic plaster by British Gypsum

View through large window
Saint-Gobain logo

Clearer glass for maximising light

Not all glass is equal. Glass with a lower iron content like SGG PLANICLEAR® has a lower level of green colouring so that the appearance is clearer and more neutral. This difference is particularly noticeable when viewing the edge of the glass.

PLANICLEAR also contributes to a higher level of Light Transmission (LT). This helps to increase the level of natural daylight and reduces the need for artificial lighting – creating a more comfortable environment.

PLANICLEAR by Saint-Gobain Glass

Did you know?

The glass you choose for your windows can make a huge difference to how your home performs and how comfortable it feels. Not only is glass key to achieving natural light within your home - which is known to improve occupants' sense of wellbeing but it can also make a huge difference in other areas. Helping to keep noise out, keep heat in or out - depending on the weather; improve security and even helping stop furniture from fading.

Technology has moved on a great deal in glass making and £millions is spent every year to develop new glass technologies and coatings to give consumers a wide range of products that can enhance a homes' visual, thermal and acoustic comfort.

Saint-Gobain recommend Glassolutions and Planitherm glass - both part of the Saint-Gobain group - to help you achieve your self-build aims.

Children running up glass stairs