A guide to managing quality

A key draw of building your own home is being safe in the knowledge that your home is built to a high standard.

Being on site, even if it’s not every day, will reassure you that no corners have been cut in terms of workmanship and material quality.

It’s ideal to adopt the mindset of a business with one particularly picky client – you

Quality control

The aim of managing self-build quality is to inspect and filter the materials being delivered, whilst providing the client with a high-quality and cost-effective service.

Make sure you inspect the quality and quantity of building materials. This is easier in-store but take extra care with deliveries. The hustle and bustle of a building site can make it easy to sign off in a rush but take care to ensure you've got the goods you ordered.

Marble tiles in bathroom

Keeping builders happy

Depending on your level of involvement with the build, it’s important to oversee the standard of workmanship by providing clear instructions. Ensuring quality control for a self-build can be improved by monitoring the work and offering feedback to tradesmen. Remember to listen to their advice too – after all, you hired them for their expertise.

Balance getting the best out of the builders and tradesmen and keeping them happy. If you are reasonable, firm and fair, they are more likely to want to do a good job, even perhaps going the extra mile at times.

Being personable is important too – little things such as providing tea, coffee and biscuits and saying thank you can be just as important.

Building a home is exciting, and it's better when you can share the experience with others.